Venetian themed favors


Transport your guests to the enchanting canals of Venice with Venetian-themed favors, each one a treasure reminiscent of the city’s rich culture and romance.

Picture wooden board games, reminiscent of the leisurely pastimes enjoyed along the Grand Canal, inviting guests to unwind and indulge in friendly competition.

For the adventurers, a cotton backpack, perfect for stowing away souvenirs and memories from their Venetian escapades. And for the adults seeking a taste of Venetian flair, a cocktail kit awaits, complete with all the essentials to craft classic Venetian libations, ensuring the celebrations are as spirited as the city itself.

No Venetian celebration would be complete without the iconic masks, symbols of mystery and intrigue. Each guest receives their own Venetian mask, a nod to the elaborate disguises worn during the city’s famous masquerade balls, allowing them to embrace their inner Venetian noble or mysterious stranger.

To hold these treasures, delicate cotton pouches adorned with Venetian-inspired motifs provide the perfect vessel, adding an extra touch of charm to each favor. With these Venetian-themed delights in hand, guests are not only gifted with tokens of appreciation but are also transported to the romantic streets and waterways of Venice, where every corner holds a new adventure and every moment is steeped in magic.

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