Meet Rosina

Hello Lovely Souls,

I’m Rosina, a petite bundle of joy with a perpetual smile, fortunate enough to be married to an amazing husband and blessed with a six-year-old mini-me and a fifteen-month-old mini-him.

My natural habitat? Wedding Planning – a lifelong dream that sprouted during my high school days.

My academic journey led me through the corridors of Public Relations, a field I loved but never quite stole my heart like the world of weddings did.
The dream job lingered, persistently tugging at my heartstrings.

Fueled by my love for tailored events and inspired by dreamers radiating happiness, I decided to carve my own path in the wedding planning realm.

For me, it’s all about chemistry and positive energy.
The true magic happens when people open up, feeling so at ease that they want me to be part of their extraordinary journey to their wedding day.

Photography: Antonis Yiamouris

A few facts about me then