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Indeed, we’ve all admired a Boho bride in a lace dress, but have you ever envisioned her sporting cowboy booties and a hat?

Sure, we’ve witnessed Boho ceremonies beneath wooden arches, but picture one unfolding inside an old currant tank.

Yes, we’ve attended Boho weddings at stunning venues, but imagine the reception nestled within a hotel tunnel.

While we’ve marveled at Boho weddings with charming art de la table and macram√© accents, imagine towering centerpieces adorned with breathtaking props like a bronze parrot and a grand palmetto leaf, each a statement piece in its own right.

Flowers play a pivotal role in any concept. For our Boho Industrial Chic design, we selected Pampas grass, Kahala roses, dried amaranth, fern, lunaria, Palmetto, and cordifolium to set the tone.

Mixing and matching styles can sometimes lead to dissonance, but not this time. Everything fell seamlessly into place, from the heavenly venue to the floral arrangements, stationery, and cake design.

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