Journey to Tuscany, where the timeless charm of Renaissance art and architecture merges seamlessly with world-renowned wine regions and majestic medieval castles.

This five-day extravaganza, spanning from Friday to Tuesday, beckoned guests on a captivating odyssey across land and sea. The festivities commenced on Friday amidst the nostalgic rhythms of an 80’s disco aboard a cruise ship, where laughter and dancing enveloped the night until the early hours.

Saturday heralded a pre-wedding soirée at a local trattoria, where culinary delights and the famed Italian grappa stirred anticipation for the grand celebration ahead.

Sunday dawned with anticipation as the radiant couple exchanged vows in the historic Orthodox church of Siena, its medieval brick facades bearing witness to centuries of love stories. The bride, a vision in vintage elegance, arrived in a charming red Fiat 500, adding a touch of whimsy to the solemnity of the occasion.

The majestic castle, nestled within the village, provided an enchanting backdrop for the reception. Guests were serenaded by a live band and the enchanting melodies of a tenor, as they mingled amidst the verdant gardens of the castle. Inside, the grandeur of the castle’s parlour set the stage for an unforgettable dinner, where elegance met simplicity in an exquisite art de la table arrangement.

The seamless fusion of elegance and charm rendered this wedding an unforgettable affair, cherished amongst our fondest memories.

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