Stunning table decoration


Transport yourself to a night of opulence and romance, where the timeless beauty of Venice meets the luxurious charm of Belmond Cipriani.

Picture-perfect moments unfolded amidst the grandeur of two large rectangular tables adorned with glittering gold candelabras, casting a warm glow upon the scene.

Delicate flower arrangements, touched with hues of crimson, added a touch of passion and elegance to the ambiance. Each place setting was graced with personalized menus, offering a tantalizing journey through culinary delights crafted just for this occasion.

And as a token of gratitude, exquisite wedding favors awaited each guest, a keepsake to cherish long after the night’s magic had faded. Here, amidst the storied canals of Venice, love found its perfect stage, and memories were etched in hearts forevermore.

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