Snowball Bottles

For the creative ones or for those who want to make a low budget decoration on their Christmas wedding, here’s an idea: Snowy bottles!
Follow these 6 easy steps and you’ll be amazed of the outcome:

  1. Pick 3-4 opened bottles preferably of different heights (for example wine, beer, liquor)
  2. Spray a white paint all over them and let them dry
  3. Get some Epsom salt and spread it on a flat surface
  4. Spray the bottles with glue
  5. Roll one bottle at a time on the Epsom salt and let the salt glue on each bottle
  6. Put the bottle on a table and leave it for a while

After you have finished, you can also place the bottles on a silver platter and spread some extra Epsom salt on the platter. I would also suggest that you put some silver balls along with some votives. In case you want to decorate the bottle itself you could place a candle, or a flower (dried or not) in it!

Photo credits: Pinterest

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