Rosemary Wreath

Yeap! That’s an easy one! If you are a rosemary lover and you want to welcome your guests in an unusual way, here’s a little something that you can do on your own and it is also a low-budget project.
All you need is:

*Rosemary sprigs
*Floral wire

  1. First of all, soak the rosemary in a water bath so that they get cleaned a bit
  2. Cut the springs into 18-20 cm length
  3. Form the sprigs into a circle
  4. Secure the top by winding around some floral wire
  5. Use some twine and tie the bow on top of the wire –so that it covers it!-
    Your rosemary wreath is ready!
  6. If you want, you can print little name tags for your guest and place them on the rosemary wreath.

Tip: If you want a perfectly round wreath, use a cap first so that it will help you form a perfect shape!


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