Cookie cutter ornaments

Did you know that cookie cutters make great ornaments? You can use them in your Christmas wedding or to decorate your house!
What you’ll need is: Aluminium cookie cutters, patterned paper, card stock, color photocopy pictures, white craft glue, scissors, a narrow ribbon, beads and a needle.


  1. Choose patterned papers or color photocopy pictures onto card stock
  2. Trace the cookie cutter on top and cut out.
  3. Dab white craft glue along cutter’s edge
  4. Press paper in place and let it dry
  5. Thread a narrow ribbon through a needle, poke between paper and cookie cutter and wrap the ribbon around the top of the cutter.
  6. If you want you can slip a bead over ribbon’s ends and knot!

Inspiration: Martha Steward

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