Covid-19_ Safety first

Dear 2020 Brides,

Yes we are going through a tough period that affects us all in various ways. Corona virus, or Covid-19 has rushed into our lives and has turned them upside down. But we are definitely staying positive!
Those of you who have booked your weddings for May and June might need to move your wedding for late summer.

Start with the venue: Contact your venue and ask for available alternative days –even if it is not a Saturday-. Then check with the rest of the vendors if they will be available on that day.

If you can’t find a day that suits all vendors, then you can move your wedding for next summer. It is not the end of the world, trust me. You’ll have plenty of time to think about various topics that still trouble you, or save money to go the extra mile for a service that wouldn’t fit in your budget.

Take advantage of your free time and read national and international wedding blogs, visualize your wedding, prioritize the needs that you want and wait until it is totally safe and sound for you to have your wedding and for your guests to attend.

Stay positive, stay calm, stay home, stay safe.

Best wishes,



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