The Perfect Mix

How about a delicious wedding favor for your winter wedding? It is extremely fast and simple! What you need is:

A jar, Mini marshmallows, Hot cocoa mix, a tiny little bottle of Kahlua (Bailey’s could work too!), mini candy canes, some linen fabric and a ribbon with a color of your choice, and little labels with a shape of your choice.

And the steps are the following:

  1. Scoop equal amounts of cocoa mix into each jar until about half way full
  2. Scoop equal amounts of marshmallows until the jar is full
  3. Cut a square piece of fabric and place it over the opening of the jar
  4. Add your labels to each jar
  5. Put the mini candy canes in a shape of a heart (or if you have time and glue you can glue them together, and then glue the heart on top of the jar)
  6. Tie the tiny Kahlua bottle with the colored ribbon on the jar.

There you go!
Tip: Use smaller jars if you need to make these favors on a larger scale

Inspired by: heygorg

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