Choosing our wedding invitations

* We make research and we make sure that we have seen a great number of samples, so that we have a whole of picture of the choices that can be found.

* We order the invitations soon enough, so that they reach our guests about 2 months before our wedding

* We all love to have something special, if not unique. The invitation that you’ve found might be the most beautiful that you’ve ever seen, but there might be a chance that a lot of brides have chosen the same invitation with yours. Instead of ‘relying’ on the easiness of the ready-made invitations, why not contact a graphic designer to design an invitation just for you, according to your theme and personal style?

* We always order more invitations than the original number we had in mind, for two reasons: a. Mistakes during printing might force us to throw away some of the invitations b. Have you heard of the “last minute guests”?

* We check the text many times for a possible mistake. We might have forgotten punctuation, misspelled a word or even forgotten vital information such as the date, the time or the venue.

* Don’t forget that the invitation is the first impression that the guests will have for your wedding. Pay attention to detail!

Photo credit:weddingideasmag

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